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a community in shock

March 6, 2008

bob.jpgArdoch Algonquin retired chief Bob Lovelace is now in jail for 6 months. Lovelace chose to obey Algonquin Law rather than the “Rule of Law”. This annoyed the judge. Then Bob refused to betray anyone; not his own people, not settlers and not cops. The judge asked, then ordered him to identify certain people during cross examination. Lovelace refused three times.

So, not only a jail term but also crippling fines: $25,000 to Lovelace, $15,000 to Chief Paula Sherman, $10,000 to the Ardoch Algonquin community, plus an additional fine to Robert Lovelace of $2,000 a day until he “purges his contempt” and $2,000 a day to the Ardoch Algonquin Community until Lovelace “purges” or takes an “undertaking” to obey the terms of the injunction.

Does this court language speak for itself?

And this isn’t taking into account the fines still to be levied against the Shabot Obaadjiwan leadership and the three settlers who are facing contempt charges on March 18th. There’s also a second contempt which will be dealt with in these next court sessions referring to the interlocutory injunction which was awarded to Frontenac Ventures by Justice Cunningham. The first interim injunction was the work of another judge. What Cunningham will be weighing in this next frenzy of sentencing will be the actions of those who disobeyed an order he actually wrote. Oh oh.
Judge Cunningham also ruled that the evidence Bob Lovelace gave in court be struck. This means the Ardoch defence, based on the unconstitutionality of the Mining Act, can’t be used in court again. Lovelace’s eloquent and moving evidence was based on the Algonquin’s traditional relationship to the land.